Helpful Tools You Can Download

Facts on AURYXIA

Use this resource to get the information needed to start your treatment journey with AURYXIA.

Patient Brochure

This guide offers resources and tips to help you manage your condition and get the most out of AURYXIA.

Discussion Guide

This is a helpful resource you can use to take notes and guide conversations with your dietitian.

Access Card

Learn about our three comprehensive AkebiaCares programs and dedicated case managers who can help you obtain your prescribed AURYXIA.

Living With Hyperphosphatemia

Discover what hyperphosphatemia is and how you can manage it with tips and useful information from this guide.

Dietitian Video

Listen as two dietitians share how a low-phosphorous diet and a phosphate binder like AURYXIA can help you reach your phosphorus goals.

Learn about the different people on your healthcare team.
Get answers to frequently asked questions about AURYXIA.