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Take AURYXIA exactly as your healthcare provider prescribed it

Take AURYXIA with meals

  • Always take AURYXIA (ah-RICKS-ee-ah) with meals
  • Take as your healthcare provider has prescribed

Your healthcare provider will help you get the dose of AURYXIA that works best for you

Take AURYXIA by mouth

The starting dose of AURYXIA is 2 pills, taken 3 times a day with meals up to a maximum dose of 12 pills per day. Your healthcare provider may adjust this to fit your needs. How much AURYXIA you take may be based in part on the phosphorus from foods you eat. Your renal dietitian (REE-nuhl DYE-uh-TISH-un) will work with you to help control the amount of phosphorus in your diet.


Your healthcare provider may increase or decrease the amount of AURYXIA you take. This is a normal part of managing your phosphorus levels.


If you miss a dose of AURYXIA

  • Do not take extra medicine to make up the missed dose
  • Take the next dose with your meal, as prescribed